About the artist

Hanouf was painting since she was six years old. Painting to her is a very personal experience. It’s a way to communicate, a way to make sense of the world and a way to express the deepest emotions that cannot be uttered.
Her impactful, genderless style expresses the naked real that lies behind the everyday superficial and allows each person’s eye to connect to the true inner being that potently guides us through our own daily lives.

Her works

‏Artist’s Solitude
2020. Sold.
‏Eternal Haven
2020. Sold.
Dreamy Town
2020. Sold.
‏Daughter of the Moon
‏New Chapter
‏Eternal Love
2019. Sold.
Oud Player
2019. Sold.
Mermaids from the Heavens
2019. Sold.
2018. Sold.
Pure Soul
True Light
2018. Sold.
Mirror Mirror
2017. Sold.
Eternal Connection
2013. Sold.
2014. Sold.
Lovers in the Desert
2017. Sold.
2012. Sold.